Welcome to the iPACS System, the centralized wastewater pretreatment and treatment business management application that helps the daily work process of environmental engineers, management, and administrative personnel.

iPACS assists and facilitates your daily work by:

  • Providing easy-to-use To-Do List for management of daily tasks
  • Monitoring department objectives and task requirements with notifications as reminders to ensure that the set goal is accomplished in a timely manner
  • Auditing department statistics and performance evaluation for better resource management and goal-oriented task management
  • Managing the permitting process from permit application requirement identification to final issuance and monitoring for agency sampling and SMR submissions
  • Providing logs for accidental releases and pollution prevention plans
  • Automatically detecting user non-compliance, including sampling exceedances, SMR non-submission, late submission, and Significant Non-compliance (SNC) violations
  • Generating annual pretreatment reports required by the EPA (40CFR403 requirements)
  • Calculating penalty assessments and surcharges
  • Generating business intelligence reports to assist and support interfacing with the iPACS system

Through the user-friendly interface and convenience of more interaction and less clicks, the iPACS system enables the wastewater agencies to focus resources on the regulatory compliance rather than on work management.

iPACS is continuously enhanced to satisfy its users. Click here to submit comments and suggestions.


Field Assistant System
Version: 1.3019.0531.24203
DB Version: 1.3019.0531.20240510
Build Date: 5/15/2024
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